this [ ðıs ] function word ***
This can be used in the following ways:
as a determiner (followed by a noun):
He gave me this diamond ring.
as a demonstrative pronoun (without a following noun):
This is the photograph you asked for.
as an adverb (before an adjective, adverb, or much ):
It's a long time since I felt this good.
1. ) (plural these [ ðiz ]) the one that is known used when you are referring to a particular person, thing, fact, etc. that has just been mentioned, or when it is obvious which one you are referring to:
Sometimes there's flooding, and this is why no one wants to live here.
Based on Edith Wharton's novel, this latest film stars Gillian Anderson.
Robbery, rape, drug dealing these are just some of the crimes that are on the increase.
2. ) what you are going to say MAINLY SPOKEN used for referring to the particular thing that you are going to talk about:
Now, this is what I want you to do, so listen carefully.
3. ) (plural these [  ðiz ]) the one that is here
a ) used for referring to something that you are wearing, holding, or showing:
I bought these shoes in Italy.
I brought this book to show you.
b ) used for referring to the place you are in:
This large room where we're standing now is the banqueting hall.
This is where I catch the bus.
c ) used for referring to the thing that is nearest to you, especially when you are pointing to it:
This is my towel and that's yours.
These oranges are really expensive.
4. ) (plural these [ ðiz ]) the present one
a ) used for referring to the present time:
I don't get much spare time these days.
Why haven't you called me before this?
I'm going to be away all this week.
this morning/afternoon/evening (=the morning/afternoon/evening of today): Benson was late again this morning.
b ) used for referring to something that is happening or something that you are doing:
Is this your first visit to Wyoming?
In this chapter I will discuss the development of the market economy.
c ) used before the name of a particular day, month, season, etc. to mean the one that will come next:
Are we going to have enough fuel this winter?
d ) this minute/second SPOKEN immediately or just a moment ago:
She walked in the door just this minute.
Come out of there! Right this second!
5. ) (plural these [  ðiz ]) used in introductions used when you are introducing someone:
This is our new secretary, Veronica Taylor.
These are my friends Claudia and Jack.
6. ) used when saying who you are used when you are saying who you are in a telephone conversation or on the radio or television, or when asking who you are speaking to on the telephone:
Hello, this is Kim Riley speaking.
This is John Alvarez reporting from Los Angeles.
Hello, is this Mrs. Baker?
7. ) so often in negatives SPOKEN so or to such a degree:
this good/much/far etc.: When you've come this far, you don't think of turning back.
I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid.
as good/cold/expensive etc. as this: It was cold in Toronto, but it wasn't as cold as this.
8. ) used for showing how big or how much SPOKEN used when you use your hands to show how big something is or how much of it there is:
The grass was this high.
There's only about this much wine left in the bottle.
9. ) (plural these [ ðiz ]) used for referring to a particular person or thing SPOKEN used in a story or joke when you mention a person or thing without giving a name:
There was this big guy standing in the doorway.
this and that/this, that, and the other SPOKEN
various things:
So, what have you been doing since I last saw you? Oh, this and that nothing very exciting.
this is it SPOKEN
1. ) used before an action or event that will have an important effect on the final result:
Then they said, Come on, show us what you can do. And I thought, This is it.
2. ) BRITISH used when agreeing with someone, by saying that they have referred to the most important aspect of a situation:
The trouble is, the government won't listen. Well, this is it.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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